S1: E3 – Can’t Buy Me Love

We’re taking it back a few (ahem 30) years to Can’t Buy Me Love.

Starting a pre-Grey’s Anatomy Patrick Dempsey and Colorado’s own Amanda Peterson.

This week we — and by we I mean Tiffy — decided to follow the internet famous drinking game rules for Can’t Buy Me Love. They are:

  • Take a drink: The jocks are mean to anyone
  • Take a drink: Anyone talks about Bobby
  • Take a drink: Ronald blowing off his geek friends is referenced
  • Take a drink: Cindy’s friends are bitchy or slutty
  • Take a drink: Chuckie follows or makes fun of Ronald
  • Take a drink: Anyone calls Ronald “Donald” or “Ronnie”
  • Take a drink: Anytime popularity is referenced
  • Take a drink: The telescope is shown or mentioned

So long story short, Tiffy got white-girl wasted on “Ay Carumba” premium red-wine sangria. And ay carumba it was something.

#ThanksForBinging and enjoy!

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