Hope and Spiked Rootbeer Floats

On second thought, this was WAAAAYYYY to sweet.

Hope Floats but so does ice cream…in rootbeer, or in our case, Not Your Father’s Rootbeer. 

Maybe the easiest recipe ever!


  • 1 bottle of NYFRB
  • 1-2 scoops of vanilla ice cream — your favorite brand is perfect, but we used Häagen Dazs


  1. Get a tall glass, spoon in the vanilla ice cream
  2. Slowly pour NYFRB over the ice cream into the glass. Don’t overfill and be cautious of the foam
  3. (Optional) Grab a thick straw and get to drinking!

Now you’re ready to kick up your feet and hit play for Hope Floats.

We tempted fate a bit while we were making these really sweet drinks….Have no fear! There were no spills!

Moral of the story: NYFRB = Good; Ice cream = Good; NYFRB and ice cream = Not Good

Tempting fate….

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